Shuttle bus - 2013

How to get to our hotel by Shuttle from the Kafuka Ferry Terminal.
It takes about 25 to 30 minutes by bus. It goes straight to the hotel.

The bus runs by advance reservation only. Please let us know the time you catch a bus at least one day before your stay.
Send us an e-mail. or contact:
From overseas     
TEL:  +81-(163)-87-3001   FAX: +81-(163)-87-3002
From Japan
TEL:  0163-87-3001 FAX: 0163-87-3002
From the 1st of October, the bus depart when the Ferry arrives.
The timetable below is active till the 30th of September.

For Corinthian Hotel
1 2 3 4
8:30 10:25 14:10 17:35
8:55 10:50 14:35 18:00
For Kafuka Ferry Terminal
1 2 3 4
7:40 9:30 11:45 16:45
8:05 9:55 12:10 17:10
*Shuttle buses are by advance reservation only.

How to get to Wakkanai, the northernmost city of Hokkaido.

By Airplane  
         Chitose(Sapporo) airport to Wakkanai                        -Takes an hour
                                                                                    ANA airline
         Okadama(Sapporo) airport to Wakkanai airport          -Takes an hour
                                                                                    Okadama airline

By Train
         Sapporo train station to Wakkanai train Station          -Takes five hours
         Asahikawa train station to Wakkanai train Station      -Takes four hours
                                                                                    Japan Railway Hokkaido (JR)

By Bus
         Sapporo bus staition to Wakkanai bus(train) station  -Takes six hours
                                                                                    So-ya bus(Japanese only)*

*Sapporo is "札幌", Chitose is "千歳", and Wakkanai is "稚内" in Japanese characters.

Transport to Rebun island

By Ferry only
Either from Wakkanai ferry terminal, or Rishiri ferry terminal.

From Wakkanai to Rebun takes 1 hour and 55 minutes.
From Rishiri to Rebun takes 40minutes.

Timetable is linked below,
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